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Mandy's Farm

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The Mandy’s Farm VAMOS Program is designed to provide employment training and support to individuals with developmental disabilities who are waiting for Medicaid Waiver.  In 2017-2018, the program received a $17,000 grant from UWCNM.

A great example of who this program helps is a young woman named Dayna. She first learned about Mandy’s Farm in 2016 through a teacher and began visiting the farm as a volunteer. After several months of consistent and committed volunteer work in the barn, the management realized that Dayna was an asset they just couldn’t pass up.

Since Dayna did not have typical disability supports, they knew she would be a great candidate for VAMOS. Dayna is now a part-time Barn Assistant and works almost completely independently, caring for the animals and staying on top of barn upkeep. Dayna also helps out at different community outreach and educational events. 

Through the VAMOS program, Dayna was able to receive the employment training she needs, while also reducing her risk for isolation and increasing her family’s access to support as they await Medicaid services.