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A Donor Story: Planting Seeds for a Positive Future

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Giving is a great habit to have.

Julie Bowdich and John Carey have built a practice of giving to United Way of Central New Mexico and the community for many years. Their latest and very generous gift of $100,000 (with half dedicated to UWCNM) is testament to their belief that financial contributions plant seeds for a more positive future.

Both John and Julie have been generous philanthropists based on a belief that when people provide financial support, in-kind help, or volunteer, it can help others move on to a path toward success, whether through better health, improved educational attainment or increased financial stability. "Part of being a good community member," Julie said, "is giving, volunteering or generally advocating. That leg up can make a huge difference to someone."

John appreciates that gifts can be amplified by those who receive them. “Any gift can go a long way,” he said. “The ‘multiplier effect’ may lead to a child whose siblings’ lives are also improved, his or her family is helped, and that child could become a community leader who helps hundreds.”

The fact that so many volunteer to review grant applications to the UWCNM Community Fund is also important to John and Julie. Both agree that Community Fund decisions being community-driven and the fact that there are opportunities to give to UWCNM efforts other than the Community Fund, are attractive features. “I’m impressed with the strategic and thoughtful way United Way reaches out to those who need the most help,” John states. “I’m confident my donation will be well spent and allocated according to a sound plan.”

UWCNM is fortunate to have the support of dedicated philanthropists like John and Julie whose care for our community is a deeply-held value.