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Our work - the four strategic levers

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Based on learnings from focus groups, surveys, and other work performed by the original DEI committees, staff agreed that these four strategic levers are important next steps in our diversity, equity and inclusion work. Work teams are now forming. The DEI work at UWCNM will continue in smaller workgroups to work on the four levers that were identified as places for improvement.  The four levers are:

Organization Learning

This team will continue learning on topics of structural racism, unconscious bias, microaggression, inter-group dynamics and have deeper conversations about differences especially race, gender, age, generation, sexual orientation, disability, socio-economic status/class, etc.

Membership includes
Group Leads: Hannah Royer & Bill Newell 
Members: Sarah Biondi, Martha Hughes, Bev McMillan, Jessica Nojek, Aisha Smith, and Larry Strickland  

Making the Case for Change and Organizational Culture

Two groups in one, this team will continue developing the organization imperative, and work to identify and shift to an emerging Modern United Way culture, identify guiding principles and metrics for accountability, infuse performance development with inclusion and equity principles, and build more robust systems to counteract systemic and structural barriers to inclusion.

Membership includes:
Group Leads: Stephanie Kozemchak & Jeanette Brahl 
Members: Tracy Brooks, Jennifer Moon, Emily Padilla, and Alina Potrzebowski

Inclusive Grant Making 

This team will assess current practices and implement best practices to identify and eliminate barriers to equitable access.

Membership includes
Group Leads: Alina Potrzebowski & Randy Woodcock
Members: Megan Dunn Davison, Melissa Fox, Elisa Phillips, Evita Sinclair, Anne Tafoya, and Anne Tropeano, 

Inclusive Leadership Development 

This team will focus on supervisor training in equitable management practices, conflict resolution, confidentiality, decision making, hiring, and promotional practices, and inclusive team development.

Membership includes
Group Leads: Katie Shaw & Megan Dunn Davison 
Members: Susan Ellsworth, Jeffrey Ledbetter, Joe McDermott, Aisha Smith, and Morgan Wilt

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