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UWCNM CEO to Serve as Head Judge in Ethics Competition

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DENVER AND ALBUQUERQUE—The Daniels Fund is hosting the 2017 Daniels Fund Ethics Consortium Case Competition April 27-28 at the Hyatt Regency Denver. Ten teams of 4-6 undergraduate business students will converge in Denver to participate in this unique competition, designed exclusively for universities that are members of the Daniels Fund Ethics Consortium from New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. University of New Mexico’s Anderson School of Management and New Mexico State University’s College of Business are among the schools competing.

The Case Competition exposes college students to a thought-provoking business ethics case, similar to a situation that they might face in their professional careers. It challenges students’ ethical reasoning and raises awareness of the importance of principle-based ethics. Business and community leaders from across the four-state region volunteer their time to serve as judges in the competition.

“Involving business and community leaders in the competition is key, as they provide students with context of how principle-based ethics can be applied in real world situations,” said Linda Childears, president & CEO of the Daniels Fund.

Ed Rivera, president & CEO of United Way of Central New Mexico, will serve as head judge this year.

“I’m very honored to serve as head judge for an effort that promotes an understanding of ethics for students who are poised to enter into business and community life,” he said. “As future professionals, they have much to gain – and to offer – regarding how principles translate into positive actions.”

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