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Grant Reporting

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Reporting Due Dates for Grantees

The mid-year report is due January 15 of the award cycle.

The year-end report is due July 15 following the award cycle.

Reports must be received by the due dates. If mid-year report is late or not submitted, payment to agency will be held until report is received. If year-end report is late or not submitted, application for funding for the next year may not be considered.

Complete a Grant Report

Report Format

All questions in the report must be answered fully.

Number of unduplicated clients served must be accurate for the reported period and should reflect the amended number to be served as listed on the final funding award agreement.

The report should reflect only actual number and goals achieved in the program for which the agency has received funding.

If half the goals have not been met by mid-year, the narrative must explain why and address how the difference will be made up by the end of the funding cycle.

Other Notification

Any contingencies made on a program when funded must be addressed by the given deadline. A review of the status of any contingencies may be addressed in the mid-year or year-end report, if appropriate.

If there is any change in the delivery of the funded program, the agency must notify UWCNM immediately in writing. Changes to the program should not be reported on the mid-year or year-end reports.

The agency shall disclose any threatened or pending litigation to UWCNM within 10 days.

Failure to comply with any of these requirements may result in not only the temporary withholding of a payment, but in loss of funding for the remainder of the year.

Complete a Grant Report