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Emergency Fund

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UWCNM's Emergency Fund supports two types of emergency grant requests:

For community-wide emergencies, such as local natural disasters or large-scale fires, agencies that provide essential services to affected areas and people may request funding support to assist with relief efforts. 

For agencies in the four-county area that UWCNM serves that experience an unexpected capital emergency that threatens the agency’s ability to deliver core services, especially the program funded by UWCNM, such as roof collapse, HVAC failure, plumbing/electrical, and/or fire/water damage. 

*All agencies requesting assistance need to participate in a meeting with UWCNM staff, members of the CIC, along with the presence of the agency’s Executive Director and Board Chair are requested at minimum and, if appropriate, a finance staff member.  

*Agencies that did not apply and pass the most recent Financial Standards Review in the last two years by applying for a Community Impact Grant from UWCNM  (reference page 16 of the Grants Manual) will need to submit financial statements for review including: (1) the most recent 990 and (2) the most recent audit or the most recent agency prepared (a) balance sheet, (b) statement of functional expenses, and (c) statement of income. 

In neither case is an emergency a loss of grant or other expected or prospective funding.  

Agencies may request no more than $10,000 per fiscal year. 

If an agency receives an insurance settlement that covers the emergency repair or replacement or receives donations or grants that cover the cost of the emergency repair or replacement, the agency shall return the Emergency Fund grant award to UWCNM. 

Once the emergency situation has passed or otherwise been resolved, the agency must send a final report to UWCNM's Grants Manager at The report should be no more than 1000 words and include exactly how the grant funds were used, the number of people served (if appropriate), how the emergency situation was resolved, any related future plans to preclude a re-occurrence of the emergency situation and details about the reimbursement of the grant funds.

To request an Emergency Fund grant, please email the UWCNM Emergency Fund Grant Request form to