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Mission: Graduate

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Mission: Graduate’s vision is a world-class, seamless, and coordinated education system that provides equitable opportunities for all youth to excel and succeed in school, graduate with a post-secondary certificate or degree, and enter a career of their choosing. At the heart of our work is a big goal, around which all of our activities are oriented: 60,000 new graduates with college degrees and certificates in central New Mexico by 2020.

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Mission: Graduate works by:

  • Identifying effective educational practices
  • Using data to track progress and make improvements 
  • Leveraging and aligning existing resources to replicate and spread impactful practices
  • Collaborating across organizational boundaries to help every student succeed.

Mission: Graduate manages projects that span the cradle-to-career spectrum that work in different ways towards accomplishing the goal.


  1. College Enrollment & Completion
    • Adult Transitions to College
      • Graduate! ABQ: ABQ is a FREE program that helps adults start or return to college. Through a collaboration between Workforce Connection, higher education, and community based organizations, we are working to make post-secondary education more accessible to adults. Schedule an appointment, or for more information call 505-242-4668. The Graduate! ABQ office is located at 501 Mountain Rd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87102
      • Career Development in Higher Ed: Even upon college graduation, some students lack the professional skills needed for success in the workforce. Mission: Graduate is working with local business and higher education leaders. They share a common vision that by 2020, every college student will participate in a career-based learning experience and graduate with employability skills.
  2. High School Graduation
    • Attendance and Engagement
      • Every Day Matters: By sixth grade, chronic absence – defined as missing 10 percent of the year for any reason – becomes a leading indicator that a student will drop out of high school.  We are working with schools to form attendance teams that are using chronic absence data to design school and community based strategies for attendance improvement.
    • College and Career Readiness:
      • Career Exploration: Research shows that providing students with rigorous and relevant experiences in school and out of school can support stronger engagement in school, which can then translate to higher graduation rates. Mission: Graduate is working with schools to provide career exploration opportunities through two projects. The first is the South Valley Career Exploration where students experience career exploration activities such as career fairs. Mission: Graduate also partners with Junior Achievement to provide Job Shadow opportunities to area students.
      • Teacher Support: In partnership with several businesses, Mission: Graduate works with Rio Rancho Public Schools to host a summer professional development experience for 80 math teachers. In addition to learning about the technical applications, business professionals share real-world applications for the math being taught in the classroom.
  3. Kindergarten Readiness and Early Grade Reading
    • Early Childhood Family Supports
      • Early Childhood Accountability Partnership’s (ECAP) Early Childhood Family Supports team is working to increase the utilization of resources by families of young children. Networking and co-learning opportunities are offered bi-monthly through Connections + Capacity, hour-long sessions designed to build the capacity and increase connections across the city.
    • Early Literacy
      • Making Moments Matter: Children whose needs are met in their early years are more likely to grow into healthy, fulfilled, and engaged citizens. Making Moments Matter campaign encourages families to turn everyday moments into opportunities to interact with young children in ways that promote healthy development.  Learn more at

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