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Mission: Families

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Mission: Families has a vision for resilient children and families so that more families have opportunities to thrive. We’ll connect our community to work together to ensure more families have secure and stable homes, safety and well-being, and support for students and working families. Mission: Families has a goal of reducing the number of adverse childhood experiences in families in central New Mexico by 50% by the year 2030.

Mission: Families complements our education-focused initiative, Mission: Graduate by creating stable families with the resources they need to care for and support their children, so they can succeed in education and in life.

Family stability, support from parents and caregivers, and having basic needs met are key to a child’s success in school. Likewise, success in school and college helps ensure that graduates have the means necessary to provide for and nurture their own children later in life.

See this presentation to learn more about Mission: Families.

Working with community partners and volunteers, including nonprofit organizations that provide direct services, UWCNM continues to analyze needed system changes, determine effective advocacy efforts, and develop collaborative projects to increase secure and stable homes for children, improve children’s safety and well-being, and support working families. Annual Community Fund grant and advocacy plans will be developed to support these goals.

Meet our Mission: Families Vision Council

Many corporate gifts have been given in support of Mission: Families since early 2018. Our generous Corporate Catalyst Donors are leading the way for families in our four counties. We also have Mission: Families Founding Investors who have stepped up and made a pledge of $5,000 per year for three years, above and beyond their annual giving. Sibilla and George Boerigter pledged $25,000 to kick-off the initiative.

To learn how you can become a Mission: Families Founding Investor, contact Larry Strickland.