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Center For Nonprofit Excellence

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We have great news! The New Mexico Nonprofit Principles & Practices Guide and the Companion Workbook to the New Mexico Nonprofit Principles & Practices Guide is now available! These resources were developed to help organizations of all sizes improve their operations and governance and to fine-tune strategic planning and evaluation processes. A free digital version of the Guide is made possible by Internet Essentials from Comcast. The Guide and a Companion Workbook can also be purchased in hard copy. Both were designed to help nonprofits understand the foundation of a healthy and sustainable nonprofit in New Mexico so they can achieve their missions.

The Center for Nonprofit Excellence (CNPE) was established in 2005 with funding from UWCNM's Corporate Cornerstone Partners and the Albuquerque Community Foundation. CNPE’s mission is to strengthen the capabilities and capacity of New Mexico nonprofits so they can more effectively meet their missions. They do this by providing training, resources, online directories and community networking opportunities with peers and community leaders.

  1. Resources: Visit their Resources section to find toolkits, videos and links related to critical nonprofit topics such as fundraising, board development, human resources, and more.
  2. Trainings: CNPE organizes training workshops with some of the best nonprofit trainers and consultants in New Mexico and beyond. Workshops are designed to build key skills such as, grantwriting, financial management and leadership and technology skills.
  3. Directories: Search their Grantmakers Directory and Nonprofit Directory for funding opportunities and to connect with other nonprofits.
  4. Community: CNPE connects volunteers and people wishing to donate goods or services, to the nonprofits who can most benefit from them. 
  5. Jobs: Their nonprofit job board helps connect nonprofits with the right candidates.


Visit the Center For Nonprofit Excellence Website