Hispanics United

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Join the Fight and Give

Help every family and every child in our community have a stronger, brighter future.

Showing the way for middle schoolers

HPS’ focus is to guide middle school youth toward high achievement, college and career experiences.

Donated to Albuquerque Sign Language Academy: Honey Badger Summer Conservation

Donated to New Mexico Jazz Workshop: Empowerment Through Music

Donated to National Dance Institute of New Mexico (NDI) - Dancing to Success

Donated to New Mexico Black History Organizing: Roots Community Leadership

HPS Encourages Committed Leaders

HPS encourages and guides leaders who are dedicated to improving the lives of children and families far into the future. By joining HPS, you will participate in hands-on projects and network with other community and business leaders.

Interested in becoming a member of HPS or nominating yourself or someone else for a council or committee position? Contact Stephanie.Kozemchak@uwcnm.org.

Mission and Benefits

Membership Eligibility

Create an impact through an annual donation of $1,000 or more.

HPS Fund

Focuses on the critical aspects of success like attendance and graduation.

Amigos United

Give $250 or more, open to anyone who wants to support middle schoolers.

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