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What does United Way of Central New Mexico (UWCNM) do? 

United Way of Central New Mexico (UWCNM) brings together donors, businesses, nonprofits, government and others to create better solutions to our community's challenges. With your support, we address Education and Family Stability, with a focus on our Mission: Families and Mission: Graduate initiatives, so that families can grow and thrive in our four-county area. Our programs and your dollars ensure that individuals and families in central New Mexico have the opportunity to achieve potential through education, that they are healthy and safe, are financially stable and live life with dignity.

Founded in 1934 as the Albuquerque Community Chest, UWCNM is the way our community helps itself. 

How does UWCNM help people obtain Education, Health, Basic Needs and Financial Stability?

United Way of Central New Mexico harnesses the caring power of people.

Mission: Families is an initiative that will ensure more families have secure and stable homes, safety and well-being, and support for students and working families. Mission: Families has a goal of reducing the number of adverse childhood experiences in families in central New Mexico by 50% by the year 2030.

Mission: Graduate is a cradle-to-career community initiative that has the goal of adding 60,000 certificates and degrees to our region by 2020. Our vision is a world-class, seamless, and coordinated education system that provides equitable opportunities for all children and youth to excel and succeed in school, graduate with a post-secondary certificate or degree, and enter a career of their choosing in central New Mexico.

The Community Impact Fund improves our community by providing program grants to qualifying health and human services agencies in central New Mexico. In 2019-20, 64 programs have been funded to serve 31,967 people and provide 2,507,378 meals in our four-county region.

As part of our Impact Agenda, United Way of Central New Mexico also supports: 

2-1-1, our information and referral line, is accessible 7 days a week, 8 a.m. to midnight, 365 days a year. It provides help for anyone seeking assistance with basic human needs.

Donor Groups, where our members have identified women’s self-sufficiency, middle school youth, youth transitioning to adulthood, and supporting survivors of family violence/the FAC as areas for giving. Donor Group Grant Initiatives are gifts to the Community Impact Fund.

The Family Advocacy Center, (FAC), is a single location for victims of domestic violence. It is a safe, secure and caring environment that focuses on the needs of victims of interpersonal crime.

Tax Help New Mexico provides free assistance in preparing and filing income tax returns for New Mexico residents with an annual household income of $56,000 or less, or who are over the age of 65, regardless of income.

Why should I give to UWCNM? 

A donation to United Way of Central New Mexico’s programs and initiatives makes a difference to someone in need. There are compelling reasons why a gift to United Way is the best way to help the most people: 

  • We help our community provide comprehensive solutions to complex human problems. Our programs represent collective impact, with measurable results. We believe that by using Results-based Accountability, the results will be transformative. UWCNM supports a network of quality human services, right here in central New Mexico.
  • The community decides. Each year more than 100 donors and volunteers provide a rigorous, informed, and fair review of programs that seek UWCNM funding. Programs are evaluated for alignment with UWCNM’s investment priorities, efficiency, effectiveness, and for financial accountability. An open funding process means that nonprofit, human service organizations in Bernalillo, Sandoval, Torrance and Valencia Counties that meet UWCNM’s eligibility criteria are welcome to apply for Community Impact Fund allocations. This process provides quality assurance on behalf of all donors.
  • The money raised here stays here. All of the money given to United Way of Central New Mexico stays in Bernalillo, Sandoval, Torrance and Valencia Counties unless designated by donors to nonprofits outside of our community. 100% of Community Impact Fund grants support local programs that assist people.
  • Payroll deduction is easy and makes it possible for each of us to give a little at a time. By sharing a little bit of each paycheck, it can be easier for us to give much more than if we gave all at once. UWCNM accepts many forms of payment including credit cards, bill for payment, checks, cash, as well as stock transfer. For more information, email .
  • Each United Way is independent. United Way of Central New Mexico makes every effort to provide timely and accurate information regarding our financial state. UWCNM was one of the first, and is still one of the few, nonprofit organizations to post our full 990 and audit report on our website.
  • United Way of Central New Mexico is committed to protecting our donors’ privacy. We will not disclose, sell or rent information we collect from you to any third party, including other nonprofit organizations, unless you specifically request that we share your information with a third party, nor will we use information we collect from you to market services or products to you if you have not previously expressed an interest in such services or products. We maintain appropriate security measures to keep donor information private.
  • Money back guarantee: Contributions to the UWCNM Community Impact Fund are backed by a money back guarantee. We are confident you will find that UWCNM is the best way to help the most people. If you are not satisfied, you can request a refund by calling us at (505) 247-3671. 

Who decides where the money goes? 

Local volunteers decide. This work couldn’t happen without dedicated, caring individuals like you. If you are interested in helping to determine where Community Impact Fund dollars do the most good in our community, please contact to learn more. 

What is the donor giving policy that took effect with the fall 2016 Campaign?

In order to provide critical community support and ensure UWCNM can continue to direct donors' gifts to the organizations they designate, 10% of donors' tax-deductible gifts will be allocated to the work of United Way of Central New Mexico.

The change will enable UWCNM to align resources with strategic and programmatic interests and build on successes such as the Family Advocacy Center.

In addition, in order to keep administrative costs low, the minimum donation to a single agency is $24 per year per donor. (If a donor chooses to give only to UWCNM, however, a gift in any amount is appreciated.)

Please review our The Choice is Yours to learn how you can direct your 10% gift to support any aspect of UWCNM’s mission.

What is the Cornerstone Partners Program and how does it contribute to UWCNM's impact work?

Corporate Cornerstone partners are companies and individuals who demonstrate their support for systemic change and quality human services, right here in central New Mexico, with their corporate gifts in support of UWCNM's impact work. Cornerstone support makes an important, positive difference in UWCNM's ability to provide enduring systemic change.

What is United Way of Central New Mexico’s role in the Family Advocacy Center?

The Family Advocacy Center (FAC) was created through a partnership between United Way of Central New Mexico and the City of Albuquerque, with the financial support of UWCNM’s Corporate Cornerstone partners, to provide help for victims of interpersonal violence. The FAC opened its doors in 2007 and is actually many different agencies all working together under one roof. The unique design of the facility dramatically reduces the stress and trauma often placed on victims and their families by giving them access to a wide range of support services at a single location.

UWCNM contributes to the work of the FAC by providing a staff member who is responsible for marketing and communications support, assistance with activities that enhance the functions of the center, and more. Services at the Family Advocacy Center (medical care, advocacy, legal and financial assistance, as well as law enforcement and prosecution) are available to anyone, adults or children, living in the Albuquerque and surrounding area to overcome both the physical and emotional stress of interpersonal violence. The center offers support services for families and victims of domestic violence, violent relationships, rape, sexual assault, child sexual abuse, stalking and mental health issues. To learn more, please visit the Family Advocacy Center.

Is this United Way part of United Way Worldwide? 

United Way of Central New Mexico is, and always has been, a local organization, governed by a local Board of Directors. United Way Worldwide serves as a trade association similar to a teacher’s association, plumber’s association, or medical association, and provides us with training opportunities, research information and national advertising. We pay a membership fee for these services.

What is "United Way 2-1-1?" 

2-1-1 is the national abbreviated dialing code for free access to health and human services information and referral. United Way 2-1-1 is a comprehensive source for information about health and human services, government agencies, and community-based organizations. Need help? Want to help others? Call United Way 2-1-1 (or (505) 245-1735) or access the online database. United Way of Central New Mexico is the best source of information on where you can get the services you, or someone you know, might need.

What is the UWCNM policy regarding funding of controversial issues?

Our role is to bring people together to improve our community. To invite controversy into the Community Impact Fund is to risk the very existence of this important fund. Regardless of individual positions on social issues, United Way invites all to join together in a cooperative effort to help our community help itself.

The Social Action Policy is in place to respect and retain the Community Fund’s broad and diverse donor and volunteer base, and to maintain a separation between helping people and advocating for a moral position on topics of controversial or divisive nature. United Way cannot and should not fund agencies or programs that explicitly and/or publicly advocate for one side of a divisive social issue and invoke local controversy or division to the extent that the Community Fund’s integrity, neutrality, or its donor or volunteer base may be harmed. 

UWCNM enlists community support to raise and distribute funds in the form of grants to agencies that most effectively and efficiently help the most vulnerable. Each year, community members review agency requests for program support and help to determine awards.