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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee 

With guidance and support from Rodney Prunty, UWCNM President and CEO, we formed a staff-led Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee in October of 2019. We have 17 staff members that voluntarily serve on this committee and are deeply committed to fostering change at UWCNM. The DEI Committee focuses on how to create a culture of inclusivity and equity at UWCNM so that we can better serve and engage the community grounded in DEI values and practices.  

To accomplish the work, we partnered with Solfire Consulting (SCG) to help us with our DEI efforts. Based on their recommendations, we created three workgroups: Organizational Imperative, Organizational Culture Assessment, and the Organizational Learning Group.    

Membership includes: Stephanie Kozemchak (co-chair), Katie Shaw (co-chair), Hannah Royer (co-chair), Sarah Biondi, Annamarie Davis, Nina Freer, Martha Hughes, Jennifer Moon, Bill Newell, Jessica Nojek, Emily Padilla, Alina Potrzebowski, Rodney Prunty, Evita Sinclair, Larry Strictland, Anne Tafoya, and Morgan Wilt  

Organizational Imperative

The Organizational Imperative Group's function is to create a compelling case statement to address the strategic question “Why is DEI mission-critical for UWCNM at this point in time?” 

  • Scan environment to identify threats and opportunities 
  • Partner with SCG consultants to gather relevant information 
  • Identify metrics of success to track progress 
  • Generate living document and socialize across the organization 

Membership includes: Chair TBD, Emily Padilla, Evita Sinclair, and Morgan Wilt 

Organizational Culture Assessment

The Organizational Culture Assessment Group's function is to advise, provide consultation and support for data collection process to determine current UW organization culture and gap between current and desired state. 

  • Gather relevant demographic data including current staff and board 
  • Identify relevant focus groups, outreach and scheduling 
  • Provide input on interview protocols– individual and group 
  • Partner with SCG consultants to conduct and support convenings 
  • Analyze themes that emerge and prepare findings 
  • Participate in data feedback/learning sessions across org to share results 

Membership includes: Katie Shaw (chair), Nina Freer, Stephanie Kozemchak, Bill Newell, and Anne Tafoya,  

Organizational Learning Group

The Organizational Learning Group's function is to assess organizational DEI capacities, learning needs and deployment of appropriate resources to address them. 

  • Review resources provided by Worldwide office and consider how to strategically deploy across the organization and community 
  • Generate and disseminate materials 
  • Convene relevant conversations 
  • Partner with SCG consultants to develop a learning plan for org learning 
  • Support convening All Staff learning sessions in August 2020
  • Hold learning sessions using a book club format

Membership includes: Hannah Royer (chair), Sarah Biondi, Jessica Nojek, and Alina Potrzebowski

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