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Becoming a Modern United Way

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In order to successfully support our community, we've dedicated ourselves to a journey of transformation. 

Along with other United Ways across the country, we're working to become a Modern United Way. This includes meeting several critical success factors, one of which is modeling diversity, equity, and inclusion. Others critical success factors are: leading with a growth mindset; building relationships by understanding our market, engaging the community in solving relevant issues, developing compelling products and solutions, delivering awesome experiences, and engaging and strengthening channels year-round; best in class fundraising; leveraging people, process, and technology; and learning by using data. 

UWCNM Professional Core Competencies 

United Way Worldwide has also identified the following professional core competencies: mission-focused, relationship-oriented, collaborator, results-driven, and brand-steward for becoming a Modern United Way.

Next Steps

UWCNM will implement these steps as part of our commitment to ending racism and ethnic discrimination.

  • Develop, maintain and publicly post an organizational position opposing all forms of discrimination based on race or ethnicity.
  • Conduct annual equity training -- focused on race or ethnicity -- for all board members and staff.
  • Develop and use equity as one of the criteria in making community investments.

Each United Way will conduct a self-assessment. 

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