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Our Strategies

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UWCNM believes in a holistic, multi-dimensional approach to solving issues faced by our community. We foster collaboration with partners from many sectors to employ a collective impact approach that utilizes results-based accountability.

We are working to improve lives in our community by increasing family stability and educational attainment. Children can’t thrive and finish school when they’re facing trauma, so our focus is on tackling the root cause of that trauma and preventing it for the next generation.

We do this in four ways:

COLLABORATION: We bring together government, business, education, nonprofit and community leaders to understand the needs of the community and set data driven goals.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT: We provide monetary grants to agencies whose work is in alignment with our overall goals of educational attainment and strengthening families.

PUBLIC POLICY: We strive to make policy changes by advocating for and educating lawmakers on key issues affecting education and family well-being.

COMMUNITY MOBILIZATION: We empower families to partner with us in creating lasting, systemic change.

Mission: Families 

We’re working to connect families with the right support so they learn how to tackle problems as they arise.  We do this by: 

  • Helping kids and care givers build skills to cope with adversity 
  • Engaging families to educate us and help lead the effort in reducing ACEs 
  • Providing better access to services and breaking down barriers so families can succeed

Mission: Graduate 

Education is an important component to family stability. We must have equal access to educational opportunities for all children and adults to succeed. That is the focus behind our community-wide partnership, Mission Graduate. We bring together government, business, education, nonprofit and community leaders to understand needs and set data driven goals to increase education and career opportunities. We do this by:

  • Increasing attendance and engagement 
  • Creating career exploration opportunities 
  • Helping adults transition back to school 
  • Providing support and education for teachers

At UWCNM we are constantly finding new ways to connectempowerfund, and inspire, so the credit for our work truly belongs to the entire community.